Lexis For Microsoft Office Enhancements

Lexis will release enhancements to Lexis for Microsoft Office, an application that provides direct access to Lexis research and citation tools and Web search tools from directly within Microsoft Word and Outlook.

As LawSites mentions, one of the new features will be integration with Lexis Search Advantage. Lexis Search Advantage "enhances search capabilities across a firm’s internal document management collection, incorporating Shepard’s Signal Indicators and embedded links to citations in a firm’s internal documents. From within Word and Outlook, users can perform a single search across internal firm content, external content in Lexis Advance, and the open Web, or narrow the search to any of those types of content."

Another great feature of version 4.9 of Lexis for Microsoft Office is the "ability to directly download into CaseMap, the Lexis case analysis litigation software. Users can choose to have documents delivered in a format compatible with CaseMap, so that they can be incorporated into case planning and assessment."

Other new features added in the past year include:
  • Link to Cites. This enables users to easily add permanent hyperlinks between citations in a document and the full text documents on Lexis Advance. If you share the document with someone else, they can click on the link and open the pinpoint citation directly in a browser. The person does not need to have Lexis for Microsoft Office, but would need a Lexis Advance subscription.
  • Validate All Quotes. This finds all the quotations within your document and checks their accuracy against the original documents on Lexis Advance. See your document and the original side-by-side, with errors in your document highlighted in red. With a click, you can replace the misquoted text with the correct source text.
  • Email Suggestions for Review. Users can email suggested corrections of quotes and citations from a document to colleagues via Outlook. Details of the suggestions are included within each email.
  • Prepare Table of Authorities. With a single click, create a table of authorities or update it after you’ve made further edits. There are a number of options for formatting the TOA’s styles, fonts and headings.
With the new enhancements, Lexis for Microsoft Office continues to be a great tool for both academics and practitioners. 


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