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Aligning the Law Library Strategic Plan with "Program of Legal Education"

In addition to ABA Standard Chapter 6 concerns , as the ABA continues to focus on a law school's "program of legal education," it is wise for law libraries to take note and align their strategic plans directly with the "program of legal education." Accordingly, Standard 601 states: Standard 601. GENERAL PROVISIONS (a) A law school shall maintain a law library that: (1) provides support through expertise, resources, and services adequate to enable the law school to carry out its program of legal education , accomplish its mission, and support scholarship and research; (2) develops and maintains a direct, informed, and responsive relationship with the faculty, students, and administration of the law school; (3) working with the dean and faculty, engages in a regular planning and assessment process, including written assessment of the effectiveness of the library in achieving its mission and realizing its established goals; and (4) remains informed