Federal Depository Library Program Academy

All libraries participating in the Federal Depository Library Program should be aware of the FDLP Academy.

Last fall, the FDLP launched the FDLP Academy with the goal to:
  • Inform and educate the Federal depository library community about Federal Government information resources;
  • Assist Federal depository libraries in better serving their communities; and 
  • Advance Government information literacy.
FDLP Academy, a service of GPO, enhances Federal Government information knowledge through:
  • Events and conferences coordinated by GPO;
  • Webinars and webcasts on a wide variety of Government information topics, presented by GPO, other Federal agencies, or from the FDLP community; and
  • A collaborative training repository tool that brings together training materials and resources from FDLP libraries across the nation.
These resources are invaluable to any library participating in the FDLP. The GPO materials can be hard to navigate, and the FDLP Academy offers training to guide in the navigation. The FDLP Academy also offers a way to stay up-to-date on the additions to FDLP materials. 

image: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7308/9402265460_2ac12a4ccc_o.jpg


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