Audio Files On PACER

Yesterday, I had an interesting research request from a faculty who needed access to audio recordings of hearings from PACER (or Bloomberg Law, for that matter). 

When I went searching for the audio files, I could find them in the docket and download the PDF file, but I could not figure out how the audio was attached to the PDF file to actually listen to the audio. 

A simple Google search for "listen to audio from PACER" turned up a handy guide from the United States Bankruptcy Court - District of New Jersey that explains exactly how to listen to the audio files attached to the PDF files in the dockets. 

Essentially, you open the file in Adobe and click on the paperclip icon on the left-hand side of the document. Once you click on the paperclip, you can see the audio-file attachment. Once you click on the audio-file attachment, your media player should open, and you should hear the audio file. Voila!


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