Bloomberg Law Updates: PLI Content & 50-State Chart Builders

Yesterday, I sat in on a Bloomberg Law update, and there are a couple of things to note: 

Bloomberg Law has limited PLI treatises. This is great news because you may remember this:
"From November 1st, 2012 onwards, no PLI content will be available on Westlaw. After a twenty-five year partnership with Westlaw, PLI content will no longer be accessible via the Thomson Reuters Westlaw site. PLI was unable to reach an agreement for ongoing distribution by Westlaw of PLI content, including both PLI Course Handbooks and PLI Treatises."  

PLI materials have become notoriously hard to find, and it's great that Bloomberg Law has at least some of the PLI content.

One of the other features that is particularly helpful from Bloomberg Law is the 50-State Charts feature. Under the Practice Centers tab, there are 50-State Charts for Health, Labor & Employment, Tax, and Banking & Finance. If you choose one of these practice areas and then click on the Practice Tools link, you will see a Chart Builder function (except Health, it's under Selected State Law Materials instead of Practice Tools). 

The Chart Builders allow you to find laws from the individual states pertaining to a particular issue, and you can then compare the state laws on point. You can do a 50-state survey, or you can choose to just compare a few states. 

For example, under Practice Centers, Labor & Employment, Practice Tools, BNA State Law Chart Builders, you can choose to compare laws from the states on the areas of Benefits, Compensation, EEO, Hiring, Leave, Payroll, and many more. Within those individual areas, you can narrow it even further. For example, under Hiring, you can choose Child Labor and then choose the states that you would like to compare, as well as the topics of the laws that you would like to view (ex. Hours of Work and Retaliation Prohibition). Bloomberg Law then generates a great chart of the laws from the states. 

The Bloomberg Law rep mentioned that Bloomberg Law plans to roll out this function for all of the practice areas, so look for more to come! 


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