Upcoming Coursera Metadata Course

I have talked about the value of librarians using alternative credentials to gain skills that they may not have learned in library school.

Coursera is about to launch a MOOC geared toward metadata for those librarians who may want to learn more technical skills.

The MOOC is called Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information, and it will start on July 14, 2014 and run for 8 weeks.

From the course homepage:
"Metadata is an unsung hero of the modern world, the plumbing that makes the information age possible. This course describes how Metadata is used as an information tool for the Web, for databases, and for the software and computing applications around us.

This course will be 8 weeks long, each week dealing with a new topic. Each topic will consist of brief video lectures and demos, about 2 hours of total video per week. There will be occasional interviews with experts on various aspects of Metadata. Most videos will contain brief quizzes, to help students evaluate their own understanding. A graded test will be due each week, and a final exam will be included at the end of the course. Peer-graded assessments may be incorporated in the assignments."

Jeffrey Pomerantz from The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill will instruct the course, and it is estimated that the course will take roughly 4-6 hours of work per week, which is doable!


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