Charleston School of Law Not Quite Part of InfiLaw

It's been confirmed that Charleston School of Law might be bought by InfiLaw if the powers that be approve the sale.

However, Law Deans reported that "[t]he South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) has decided it needs more time to review  information and public comments it has received in reference to the proposed sale of the Charleston School of Law to Naples, Florida based Infilaw."

It looks like the public has quite a bit to say about the sale as "[m]embers of a CHE licensing panel said they received more than 100 pages documents over the past three days and asked for additional time."

The legal community will have to wait and see as "[t]he panel will hold a special meeting on May 19 and present their recommendation to the full commission at its June 5 meeting. In addition to CHE approval for the sale, Infilaw needs approval by the ABA. An ABA site team visited the school earlier this semester."

This might actually be a good move for Charleston because it is already a for-profit institution, and the merger with the other InifLaw schools might mean that Charleston has more resources at its disposal.


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