Librarian As Top Resource Every Graduate Student Should Use

It was refreshing to see GRADHACKER recently list a librarian as the top resource of the 5 campus resources every graduate student should use. As a bonus resource, GRADHACKER also listed the local library as another great resource.

From the blog:

1. Librarian
One of the best pieces of advice I received as a student was "Take your librarian out to coffee at least once a semester." Universities hire full-time librarians assigned to the major subject areas. These librarians are particularly knowledgeable of rare documents, collections, and uncatalogued resources waiting to be processed. Additionally they have the ability to order books, journals, maps, data, and other resources graduate students may need.

2. Writing Center

3. Gym

4. Professional Services: Tax, Legal, and Dental Services

5. Student Government and Graduate Student Union

Bonus: Your Local Library
Although not situated on campus, your local library is another important resource that many of us fail to use. While the university has most of the books I need, the local county library offers digital subscriptions to popular monthly magazines that can be downloaded on a computer or tablet. 

It's great to take advantage of the 'free' resources that come with being a member of a large institution or the community -- especially as a graduate student who may be short on funds. Maybe I am a bit bias, but I, too, think that a librarian is a great resource that many students fail to fully utilize. On some levels, it wasn't until I became a librarian that I realized how valuable we can be. That might go back to one of the criticisms of the profession as a whole. Librarians are often criticized for not fully promoting their value and what exactly it is that they do. 

Students -- come and see us, and we'll show you what we can do. Especially if you are doing specialized research or delving into scholarship.


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