July 2013 Michigan Bar Exam Results By School

From the State Bar of Michigan's blog, The Michigan Board of Law examiners released its complete list of pre-appeals statistics for the July 2013 exam, and 60 percent of exam-takers passed. More precisely, 1,007 people took the exam, and 600 passed, while 407 failed.

A breakdown of pass-fail rates by law school was included.

Thomas M. Cooley: 43 percent passed, 57 percent failed. (145 passed)

Michigan State University: 74 percent passed, 26 percent failed. (110 passed)

University of Detroit Mercy: 52 percent passed, 48 percent failed. (67 passed)

University of Michigan: 94 percent passed, 6 percent failed. (31 passed)

Wayne State University: 67 percent passed, 33 percent failed. (99 passed)

University of Toledo: 65 percent passed, 35 percent failed. (11 passed)

Others: 72 percent passed, 28 percent failed.


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