Attorney, Age 92, Still Practicing After Graduating Law School At 16

In a feel good piece for the day, Jerome Offutt, age 92, graduated law school at age 16 and is still practicing today.

From the ABA Journal
"When Jerome Offutt graduated from law school in 1937 at the age of 19 he was too young to practice law in his home state of Maryland.

Once a child prodigy, Offutt is still achieving much at an unusual age—he’s 96 and still practicing law.

Tuition was only $200 a year when Offutt began law school at the age of 16. He worked at a Safeway to help pay his way.

Offutt says he worked as an “office boy” in a law office after graduating and began his own law practice at the age of 21. He was elected to Maryland’s House of Delegates at the age of 25 and served for three years. He currently practices law in Frederick County, Md.

Today, Offutt begins his day by lifting weights for 30 minutes and then walking for one or two miles."

At age 30, it might be easy for me to say I want to work forever, but this man is living proof it is possible in this profession. The key is to stay happy and fulfilled, which generally happens the longer you practice. 


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