LSAT Takers Up

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that "[t]he number of LSAT takers released by the Law School Admission Council now suggest strongly that law schools are starting to pull themselves back up."

A total of 23,238 people took the test last month, up 6.6% from the year before, according to new LSAC data. The figures represented the first growth in the June crop of test-takers since 2010 and extend an upswing that began in December when the numbers inched up by 0.8% and accelerated in February with a 4.4% increase. The bump follows a 2014-2015 cycle in which the number of test-takers over the year nearly slipped below 100,000, down 40% from a peak high of 171,514 six years ago.

While LSAT test takers are up, "[t]he latest applicant figures give law schools a bit less to cheer. The number of people that applied to law school is down 2% from 2014, according to LSAC. And the total number of applications submitted is 4.2% below last year’s total."

This may signal that the market is finally righting itself. There's been more news lately that now is a good time to go to law school. This in direct contradiction to the news we've heard since 2010 when it was heavily reported that there were too many lawyers and not enough jobs.


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