.Law Domain Names Available Oct. 12

Last April, the ABA Journal reported on a new .law domain. Minds + Machines has the exclusive license to operate the new .law domain from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Minds + Machines said in a press release that it was partnering with the Legal Marketing Association to allow its members to submit an expression of early interest in .law domain names.

But that doesn’t mean others can’t submit their own expressions of interest, Andreozzi says. Those who submit an expression of interest aren’t obligated to buy the domain, but they will be allowed to purchase it when .law becomes generally available, if no one else expresses an interest. When more than one person is interested, an auction is held.

Standard names such as johnsmith.law will cost $200, while premium names such as ohiodivorce.law will start at $500. The cost will be based on factors such as the number of characters, and the value of certain practice areas.

Anyone who applies for a .law domain will have to certify that he or she is a lawyer and submit to a verification process. Lawyers can apply on behalf of themselves, their law firms and their companies.

The company has announced that, beginning July 30, trademark holders will be able to register corresponding names. The names will be available for sale to lawyers Oct. 12.

Other new domains of interest to lawyers will also become available. They include .attorney, .esq and .lawyer.


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