Casetext Adds Writing Tool

The ABA Journal reports that Casetext, the free legal research website that uses crowdsourcing to annotate cases, has launched a new writing tool called LegalPad that publishes lawyers’ articles and links them to cases they cite.

LegalPad has a lot of great functionality. When an article writer types in a case name, it is supplied in correct Bluebook form with a hyperlink to the case. A writer can select text from the case, and it will be inserted in the article. Writers will also be able to choose the Casetext communities where their articles will appear.

LegalPad users can also write articles that are shared with like-minded Casetext community groups based on practice areas and interests. There are links to cases discussed in the articles, and the cases will in turn link to articles.

Casetext founder Jake Heller tells LawSites that his goal is for Casetext to become a place to build legal commentary as well as a tool for legal research. A Casetext press release points out that lawyers who publish articles on the website can build reputations in their specialty areas.


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