I Got 99 Problems But My JD Ain't One

Thomson Reuters Legal Solution's blog recently posted tips on how to survive in this legal market.

According to the blog, "[t]he question isn’t so much whether [conditions for new grads] will improve as much as it is when they will improve. Lawyers will always be needed, but currently, the supply of new lawyers has completely overtaken the demand.  But law school enrollment is at its lowest levels in 40 years, so the market is currently in the process of correcting itself. Nevertheless, since it may take a long time for the legal job market to recover – but your bills aren’t going to wait – you may need to figure out how to keep your head above water in the meantime."

The blog goes on to offer tips for the tough legal market:
  • Don’t let your legal education collect dust
  • Be tenacious
  • Network
All great advice. And the notion of not letting your legal education collect dust is very important. To that end, Findlaw's blog posted 99 Things to Do With Your JD, Besides Practice Law. 

"Whenever you experience the moment when you realized that using your law degree to practice law is an option but not the only option, you may have started wondering ... so, what else can I do with my JD?"

The list of things to do with your JD includes "everything from job titles, to big concepts, to names of famous JDs, and a bit more." But it may get you thinking outside of the box and on the right path to a fulfilling alternative career.


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