These College Majors Do Well On LSAT

The ABA Journal reported on the recent "findings of Pepperdine University School of Law professor Derek Muller, who studied data from the Law School Admission Council on 2013 law school applicants. TaxProf Blog notes his findings, released on Muller’s blog Excess of Democracy."

According to Muller's data, the top 10 college majors, by LSAT score, were:

1) Classics

2) Policy studies

3) International relations

4) Art history

5) Mathematics

6) Philosophy

7) International studies

8) Government, service

9) Economics

10) Biology, specialized

In an interesting twist, "[t]he worst major for LSAT scores was criminal justice. It was followed by social work, business management and business administration, pre-law and law. Muller's full list is here."

As Muller points out, correlation does not equal causation, but students interested in law school may want to take a long look at the majors listed here. There may be something to these major that require strong critical thinking skills, which bodes well for both the LSAT and law school.


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