ABA Releases Detailed Law School Employment Stats

The ABA Section of Legal Education & Admission to the Bar has released the summaries of the employment data questionnaires for each law school.

After the law suits alleging fraud in the reporting of employment statistics, the ABA decided it was time to require law schools to submit more detailed employment stats. The summaries offer a detailed view of the placement data from graduates of law schools since 2010.

This is a positive step for transparency when a prospective student is deciding which school to attend. The employment summaries also include positions that do not require bar passage, which is a good thing. A report out of the ABA Journal shows that many prospective law students plan to pursue alternative careers after they obtain their JDs.

"Half of more than 200 prelaw students responding to a survey by Kaplan Test Prep said they plan to use their law degree in a non-traditional legal field, according to a press release. Forty-three percent said they plan to use their law degree to pursue a job in the business world."


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