Internet Is First When Searching For An Attorney

A recent FindLaw & Thomson Reuters survey shows that people's attorney-search habits have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The ABA Journal reported on the survey, which shows that the first place that the general public goes to find a lawyer is the Internet.

"Once upon a time, the first thing that an overwhelming majority of people in need of legal representation would do is turn to relatives or friends for personal referrals. Some would consult the Yellow Pages or the local bar association, while only a small handful would use the Internet before any of the other aforementioned options."

However, "those numbers have completely flipped around over the last decade. While the Internet was once the least popular option, according to results published last week, using the Web first is now the most popular choice among respondents."

These results confirm how imperative it is for attorneys to have a decent web presence. Attorneys should not skimp on web design or search engine optimization. After all, the first impression that someone has of an attorney can come from the attorney's website.

With a robust website, an attorney can also add a blog and other social media presence to garner attention. Just be careful of state bar social media rules!


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