The US Fertility Crisis, Social Security, and Immigration

There are recent articles discussing the so-called 'fertility crisis' in the United States.  We, as a nation, are just not procreatin' like we used to.

My conspiracy theory about this is that if we do not have enough babies today, we cannot afford Social Security tomorrow.  Is it a mere coincidence that there was a 'war on women' during the last election cycle -- in terms of reproductive choice?

But do not fear!  We do have enough immigrants to make up the difference. “Over the next three decades, annual population growth for the working-age population will be less than a third of what it was over the last 60 years,” President Obama’s economic adviser Alan B. Krueger told the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in March. “Given current trends, nearly all of the growth of the nation’s working-age population in the next 40 years will be accounted for by immigrants and their children.”

Maybe conservatives should rethink their immigration stance if they want Social Security to survive and thrive for the future generations.

NYTimes - The US Fertility Crisis and Immigration


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