F. Lee Bailey Disbarred But Still Credible?

Esteemed attorney F. Lee Bailey has been disbarred in Maine, Florida, & Massachusetts.  All for money or stock issues, it seems.

"Although disbarred, Bailey has continued to write, speak, teach, and participate in efforts to improve the criminal justice and corrections system, support economic development efforts and help returning veterans in Maine and Massachusetts, and be an active member of the communities where he has lived."  Guy's still gotta make some money to then avoid paying taxes, amirite?

Should I feel awkward constantly recommending his co-authored book, Criminal Trial Techniques, as the premiere criminal trial treatise?  Eh, probably not -- after all, he did get O.J. off.  That feat should earn anyone a gold star in criminal trial technique.

ABA Journal -- Will F. Lee Bailey practice law again?


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