National Conference of Law Reviews

This year, The National Conference of Law Reviews was hosted by my law school.  I was lucky enough to present on the various things that I do with the law review to help make it a better publication.

It is no secret that law librarians are often an under-utilized group, so it was nice to talk about some of the ways that law librarians can assist with law journal publishing.

Now I have the task of writing articles to memorialize my presentation.  The NCLR Committee will publish a NCLR Best Practices Manual that will cover the content of the most recent NCLR.

My articles will include a discussion on revising publication agreements, how to create a mini-library for a law review, how to investigate a sophisticated online edition, and how to use social media to publicize recent articles.

My experience at the NCLR was amazing because it gave me a chance to connect with other law review librarians.  It felt reassuring that many of our law review functions overlapped, and we were able to offer each other additional insights to make our work with our law reviews even better.

Now on to writing these articles...

NCLR Program


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