The Continued Evolution of WEXIS Graduate Access

In a continued effort to attract longterm users, both Westlaw & Lexis have modified graduate access to offer generous extended access.

As to Westlaw, currently, if you are a "Practice Ready" school, meaning that you subscribe to the Practice Ready suite, Westlaw sends the following message to impending graduates:

Don’t miss out! Enable your extended access now:

·         Sign in at
·         If you have not already enabled your access, you should see a prompt asking you to extend. Click on “I agree” and you are all set. 

Not seeing the prompt?
·         Use this link -

What do I get with my extended access?

·         Know How - Access to helpful sample documents and checklists with Practical Law & Practice Point
·         Research - Westlaw access to understand the law and find authority 
·         Drafting Tools - Access to contract review, citation formatting and authority review tools with Drafting Assistant.

You’ll have 60 hours of access to the tools above each month for 18 months from your graduation date!

A few things to note: 
  • While this email was sent to our graduates directly from Westlaw, very few of our recent graduates actually took the steps to enroll. We worked with our law school's alumni office to advertise "Grad Elite." This resulted in additional enrollees while generating alumni goodwill toward the law school (we hope). 
  • The 60 hours of access each month for 18 months includes commercial use. 

As to Lexis, currently, May graduates retain access through the end of the year. Here is a sample email that recent graduates (and bar exam takers) received from Lexis:Law School Graduates,

With the bar exam behind you and the endless possibilities of the future ahead, it can be daunting to figure out your next step. To help, we're introducing a completely new experience to help you stand out. Go to (just like when you were in school), you'll see all sorts of new information for law school graduates including:
  • Access to the top legal news from around the web and from Law360®
  • Career tips to help you build your resume, interview smarter, and network your way to the top
  • Resources to sharpen your research skills and start your own practice
  • A selection of "Graduation Gifts" from LexisNexis to choose from
Sign in now with your law school Lexis Advance ID and you'll benefit from all these great resources. And don't forget, we're giving you free access to Lexis Advance® through December 31, 2017. As you take that next step and start your professional career, count on us taking it with you.

As most of us know, this is just the latest iteration of graduate access to WEXIS in our ever-evolving subscription models. I do, however, appreciate Westlaw's marketing for Grad Elite as being provided by the law library and supported through the law school:

These practice-ready solutions are provided by your law library to help you begin your career as a practicing attorney, supported. . . . These experiential legal tools are designed to help you build confidence, find insight into complex questions, and more - all through the support of your law school.


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