What Librarians Do - In Pictures

I ran across a recent BuzzFeed called "18 Cats Who Think They're Librarians." While it's amusing (especially for the cat-owning, sweater-wearing librarians), it also gives a good idea of what a librarian does on a day-to-day basis.

I also ran across a blog from Mr. Library Dude that discusses a librarian "career day" presentation. This presentation engages the students by discussion librarian stereotypes (cat-owning, sweater-wearing, anyone?). Mr. Library Dude uses the presentation to debunk some of the more popular stereotypes (he does not shush, his student workers are the ones who check books in and out, and he definitely does not read on the job).

And then he provides context for what a librarian actually does like:
  • Teaching and research assistance
  • Collection development
  • Helping with technology
  • Running events
This is a good way to get students interested in a library career while refuting deeply ingrained librarian stereotypes. 


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