Lexis To Remove Lexis.com From Academic Accounts

The following is a letter received from Lexis on February 9, 2016:


As you may recall, we released Lexis Advance® to law school customers in 2012 and have continued to provide access to Lexis.com® as well. By giving access to both platforms, we wanted to provide ample time for faculty and students to make the transition to Lexis Advance. Now with 99% of research by students conducted on Lexis Advance, and more than 99% of Lexis.com content available on Lexis Advance, the time has come to retire Lexis.com for law school customers.

We will remove Lexis.com from the law school product menu on December 31, 2016, at which time 100% of Lexis.com content will be accessible via Lexis Advance. It is a top priority of ours to ensure a successful transition and why we’re waiting until the end of the year to remove Lexis.com. This will provide the limited number of faculty and students who use the product plenty of time to become more familiar with Lexis Advance.

Lexis Advance is now the preferred research system by first year law students nationwide. Students are likely to use Lexis Advance in their summer and post graduate jobs as well, with 99% of small and midsize law firm subscriptions sold on Lexis Advance. Ninety-four percent of The Am Law 100® firms have online research contracts with LexisNexis®, and Lexis Advance is used extensively by U.S.Courts and federal agencies. While Lexis.com will remain in commercial accounts beyond the December 2016 date, user migration to Lexis Advance is accelerating so your students will be well prepared for their positions.


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