AALL Name Change Voted Down

You've probably all heard that the AALL name change initiative failed.

According to the e-briefing delivered by AALL, a record number of members voted: 
The proposal to change the name of American Association of Law Libraries to the Association for Legal Information has failed by a vote of 1998 (80.11 percent) opposed, to 496 (19.89 percent) in favor. A record number of members voted on this proposal, with 59.51 percent casting a ballot.  

The Board thanked all those who voted and added this:
The recommendation to change the name of the Association has started a conversation about the future of AALL, and the profession as a whole, that we hope to continue. We want to spend time this year discussing the future of law librarians in more detail. More information about this will be announced in the near future.  

While I am all for a continued conversation about the importance of law librarians in the new legal information economy, this portion makes it sound as if AALL is still trying to find its new identity.

If our own leaders are confused about our role, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the rest of them. 


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