SEO To Maximize Discoverability

The ABA Journal recently posted an article on search engine optimization (SEO) geared toward attorneys with websites (nearly everyone this day and age).

We know that the Internet is generally the first place people go to find an attorney, and maximizing your website's SEO is a great way to make yourself even more discoverable. If you maximize your SEO for Google, say, the Google algorithm will favor your content and your website will move higher on the results list.

As ABA notes, "[s]taying current about what Google Search is favoring—and adjusting the design and content of your website—can be critical for getting your name at the top of search engine returns. (Not an easy task, since the search goliath often changes its algorithm to combat those who try to game its system.) These days, that means ensuring your website offers text and longer articles that reflect quality writing about a specific topic, according to experts in search engine optimization."

Here are a few suggestions for SEO optimization:
1. Go with a frequently updated blog offering truly useful content: Generally, search engines only re-index your website every two weeks. So if you only have time to update your blog every two weeks, you'll still enjoy higher search engine returns as a result,

2. Use keywords judiciously, but use them. Plug a keyword or phrase into your headline, subhead and opening sentence of your text, and in the captions for your multimedia

3. Go with deep content. Aim for pieces that are 1,000 words minimum. And ensure your text is not blatantly generic or easily found on any number of other law firm sites.

4. Practice good website address/tag hygiene. Choose page title tags carefully. The title tag—the word or phrase that describes your page to the search engine—is one of the most important choices you can make to attract Web traffic. Be equally choosy with page header tags. Header tags are also major guides Google and other search engines use. Don't forget image tags. When naming your image, use your tags to finely describe what your image is about—and reap the reward of an overall higher ranking in the search engines.

These are really good suggestions. And evidence of the Google algorithm show these to be some of the most essential SEO tools for discoverability.


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