July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam Results

Last week, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners released the seat numbers of the most recent Michigan bar exam passers.

The passage rate was 73% for first time takers with 563 people passing on their first try. The total passage rate for all applicants (including retakers) was 63% with 604 total passers.

The breakdown for Michigan law schools for all takers is as follows:

Thomas M. Cooley:  44 percent passed, 56 percent failed. (140 passed)

Michigan State University: 80 percent passed, 20 percent failed. (123 passed)

University of Detroit Mercy: 55 percent passed, 45 percent failed. (68 passed)

University of Michigan: 87 percent passed, 13 percent failed. (33 passed)

Wayne State University: 74 percent passed, 26 percent failed. (115 passed)

University of Toledo: 79 percent passed, 21 percent failed. (11 passed)

Others: 75 percent passed, 25 percent failed. (114 passed)

These are pre-appeal. It looks like the Michigan Board of Law Examiners has figured out a way to keep the test passage rate in the 60% range.

Congrats to all who passed. For more information on what to do after you passed, check out the State Bar of Michigan's website.


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