Access JSTOR Material With JSTOR Daily

InsideHigherEd reported on JSTOR's new daily magazine - JSTOR Daily. "Much of the world’s knowledge is contained in JSTOR, a vast digital academic library. But most of that content is behind a subscription wall. And if you’re not looking for something specific -- or even if you are -- attempting to take in all that knowledge can be an overwhelming experience. Wanting to make JSTOR's content a little more digestible and to engage a different kind of audience, the library is officially launching its new online magazine, JSTOR Daily."

The content on JSTOR Daily links to the JSTOR library with free access to articles and other material. 

"JSTOR Daily offers a fresh way for people to understand and contextualize their world. Our writers provide insight, commentary, and analysis of ideas, research, and current events, tapping into the rich scholarship on JSTOR, a digital library of more than 2,000 academic journals, dating back to the first volume ever published, along with thousands of monographs, and other material. In addition to weekly feature articles, the magazine publishes daily blog posts that provide the backstory to complex issues of the day in a variety of subject areas, interviews with and profiles of scholars and their work, and much more."

Currently there are articles on a wide variety of topics:
The JSTOR Daily content is intriguing and digestible, and the fact that it links to free JSTOR articles is wonderful. Thanks to JSTOR for continuing to allow more of the population to access material. It's especially wonderful for law students at a standalone law school who are writing comments and case notes and need access to multidisciplinary material.


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