Visit The Library For An Experience

When most people think library, they think of a quiet warehouse full of books. Of course, that's all changing as libraries continue to transition to a digital collection.

Some libraries are continuing to step outside of the traditional role of the library by offering cutting edge technology like Google Glass or 3D printers to their patrons.

The other programming happening in Colorado libraries include:

  • Anythink created The Studio at Wright Farms, which has HD cameras, a green screen, tripods, lighting kits and editing software. And that's just for video. There's an audio recording studio, graphic design software and gaming computers
  • A programmable Finch to learn computer code
  • Seed libraries to offer up cheaper ways to cultivate plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • In Denver, you can stream and download music from local bands
  • In JeffCo, a library card also gets you a Culture Pass, where cardholders can reserve passes to access local museums and attractions

The Communications Director of Anythink Libraries said, "[w]e are really shifting and think of the library less as a place to warehouse books, and more of a place where you can come and interact with information in a new way and actually participate in a new experience."

And how users interact with information should be more of a focus for librarians today. It's great to see public libraries taking such an active role in their community.


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