Librarian Jobs: Outlook Good

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that librarians may be facing a labor shortage in the coming years. "America may be running out of sea captains and librarians. Those professions, along with occupational therapists, plant operators and scores of others, are likely to report significant deficits of qualified workers over the next 15 years or so, according to a report coming out Tuesday from the Conference Board."

"In the Conference Board report—titled 'From Not Enough Jobs to Not Enough Workers'—the authors analyzed 12 factors that will affect labor supply across industries and professions until 2030, including the Labor Department's growth outlook for different occupations, the proportion of older workers in those fields, the rate at which young people are entering those careers and risks of offshoring and automation."

One of the main factors affecting librarianship is the number of older workers in the field. "By 2030, the youngest baby boomers—those born in the early 1960s—will mostly have retired and the U.S. will face the fallout of a permanently smaller labor force, barring a major change in immigration policy or some other surge in population."

The problem is that library field currently has an over-saturated market. There are too many new graduates and not enough full-time jobs. This outlook should take into account current qualified candidates looking for employment and adjust any future projections. However, if you are currently in elementary school or early high school, and your dream is to become a librarian one day, this outlook is for you.


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