Summer Associate Interview Tips

It's that time of year - on campus interviews for summer associate positions. As a green law student, I didn't understand the importance of landing a summer associate position and how these positions can set you on the right trajectory for an early successful career.

For those lucky enough to land an interview, the Findlaw blog offers tips for a successful interview:

1. Your Resume - Always bring a few copies of resume to your interview.
2. Ask Questions - Bring a list of questions with you to the interview; during the course of the interview jot questions down as they come to mind.
3. Make Them Feel Special - Just as you would tailor each cover letter to the particular firm you are applying to, be ready to talk about why you want to work at that particular firm.
4. Oldies but Goodies - Be ready to answer interview standby questions like: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
5. Keep It Positive - Everything you say in the interview should be positive.

As the Findlaw blog notes, "[a]ccording to Forbes, most interviews are decided in the first 10 seconds, so first impressions are immensely important."

Good luck during these interviews. And if you didn't land an on-campus interview, these tips still work well for any and all interview scenarios.


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