Legal Scholarship Blog Facilitates Dissemination

If you are about to embark on a legal scholarship endeavor but are having a hard time choosing a topic, you may want to refer to a call for papers to narrow your focus. There are a few great resources for this, and one that I particularly like is The Legal Scholarship Blog.

The Legal Scholarship Blog features law-related Calls for Papers, Conferences, and Workshops as well as general legal scholarship resources.

From the website:
"The Legal Scholarship Blog seeks to facilitate the legal academy’s development and dissemination of scholarship, and so does not feature events such as Continuing Legal Education programs or regional bar association meetings.

Created in 2007, the Legal Scholarship Blog is a free, non-profit service managed by faculty and staff at:"

  • The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • University of Washington School of Law
You can use the site to:
  • Read about new conferences, workshops, and calls for papers as they are posted
  • Look for conferences, workshops, and calls for papers in your field
  • Use the calendar for upcoming events
  • Publicize your conferences, workshops, and symposia
The "Research Deans" tab on the website is a wealth of information on legal scholarship with topics covering:
  • Law Review Submissions
  • Articles: Law Review Studies
  • Articles: Legal Scholarship
  • Articles: Research Deans (promoting scholarship)
  • Miscellaneous (how to write abstracts)
The Legal Scholarship Blog also offers a list of the various law review online companions. This is a great resource for those in the legal academe, as well for law journals seeking submissions. 


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