CataLaw For Legal Research On The Internet

Scribes had another great legal research tip this morning:

CataLaw describes itself as "the catalog of catalogs of worldwide law on the Internet. It aids legal research by arranging all indexes of law and government into a uniform, universal, and unique metaindex."

"The user can select a topic (e.g., banking law, immigration law), a region (e.g., Africa, Pacific, U.S. Courts, U.S. State, and Local), or an extra (e.g., Legal Periodicals), and then run Google searches."

Additional information from Cornell Law Library notes that "Catalaw is an index of 80 of the 'major catalogs' of law and government available on the Internet based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The sites are canvassed and the information from each is included in Catalaw."

"Using Catalaw is not intuitive, especially for the first-time user. The site strongly urges the first- time user to visit an overview page. Be sure to follow this recommendation, otherwise you may quickly find yourself somewhere between being frustrated and hopelessly lost. Although the arrangement could be improved, this is an interesting site worth a close examination."

*Caveat: it was brought to my attention that the material is dated.


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