'Creative' DUI Attorney Business Cards

Business cards are an essential part of networking for any attorney. And some attorneys are finding ways to make their business cards more memorable.

Take the following examples from two DUI attorneys:

This solo practitioner does DUI cases. On the side, he works as a server in a local watering hole. Instead of passing out traditional business cards, he passes out two-sided drink coasters.
 Bottle opener metal business card for a DUI attorney.

I understand the need to make an impression, but these DUI attorney business cards feel a bit like a conflict of interest. The attorneys are promoting alcohol consumption while offering their DUI legal services. It's especially troublesome for the solo practitioner who doubles as a bartender handing out business card drink coasters. This attorney could be directly responsible for over-serving a patron and then trying to benefit from it.

It would be interesting to see how much business has improved since they initiated the use of these business cards.

ABA Journal -- 9 creative lawyer business cards


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