Lexis Views & Bestlaw Browser Add-Ons

Ashley Ahlbrand over at the RIPS Law Librarian Blog posted some great information about browser add-ons for legal research efficiency.

For anyone unfamiliar with Lexis Views, it is a browser add-on for Chrome or Safari (Firefox coming soon) that allows you to search and access Lexis Advance content while you’re researching on other websites. For instance, if you have Lexis Views activated while running a search on Google Scholar, results from Lexis Advance will also display in your results list. If instead you were reading an article in Wikipedia, a pop up at the top of the screen might tell you that Lexis Views has found a matching document for you. If you like beginning your research in Google (and have a Lexis subscription), Lexis Views could prove a useful tool for getting you to reliable legal information once you’ve used Google to get a preliminary framework for the research topic.

Bestlaw is a browser add-on for Chrome or Firefox that integrates into both Lexis Advance and Westlaw. In addition to adding certain usability features to the document you’re viewing in Westlaw or Lexis Advance, such as a distraction free reading display or adding a table of contents, Bestlaw also includes a Search feature that allows you to search for the document you’re viewing in Casetext, LII, CourtListener, Google, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, or Ravel Law.

These are neat features that you might find handy - especially when starting research in Google like so many of our students.


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