Resources From The Conference Of Law Library Educators

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) recently held its annual meeting & conference in Seattle. Although I could not attend this year, there have been numerous emails discussing the events of the meeting. While perusing these emails, I found many valuable resources at the Conference of Law Library Educators' website.

Here, you will find updated information about:

I, for one, will take advantage of the course syllabi to compare teaching methods. I will also look at professional development books and articles. Looking at the competencies for law librarianship and the competencies for information professionals is enlightening. The competencies for information professionals are not as specific. The competencies for information professionals may be the wave of the future, especially considering that some former library science programs are now information science programs that lean more toward information professionals. 

This website is a wonderful aggregator of law librarianship material. It's a hidden gem that more people should be aware of. 


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