February 2013 Michigan Bar Exam Results

From the State Bar of Michigan's blog: February 2013 Michigan Bar Examination Passage Statistics

From the Board of Law Examiners, here's a PDF of the statistics, summarized below:

Passage Rate

All Takers: 58% (last year's February passage rate was 59%)

First-time Takers: 65%

Retakers: 48%

By Law School

Thomas M. Cooley

All Takers: 55%

First-time Takers: 61%

Retakers: 42%

Michigan State University

All Takers: 60%

First-time Takers: 71%

Retakers: 55%

University of Detroit Mercy

All Takers: 49%

First-time Takers: 59%

Retakers: 45%

University of Michigan

All Takers: 82%

First-time Takers: 87%

Retakers: 71%

Wayne State University

All Takers: 63%

First-time Takers: 90%

Retakers: 50%

University of Toledo

All Takers: 69%

First-time Takers: 67%

Retakers: 75%

Other Law Schools

All Takers: 68%

First-time Takers: 76%

Retakers: 58%

For information on how Michigan compared to other states for 2012 passage rates, see another recent post from SBM's blog:

The March edition of Bar Examiner, a publication of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, has charts on the 2012 bar passage rates in the 50 states and District of Columbia (and U.S. territories).  Here's a PDF with Michigan's statistics highlighted. Bottom line, Michigan's July 2012 passage rate of 57% was the nation's fourth lowest, behind Wyoming (51%), District of Columbia (53%), and California (55%).  If you look only at the takers from accredited law schools, however, only Wyoming's passage rate is lower than Michigan's. Take a look at the 10-year summary while you're at it.

It looks like Michigan is still on a quest to become the hardest bar exam in the country...


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